Educational Philosophy

Shepherds Theological Seminary exists to glorify God and honor our Lord Jesus Christ. We base our philosophy of education on the theological certainty that the one true triune God has self-attestingly revealed Himself to mankind in the Christian Scriptures. This God of the Bible has many attributes—several of these are foundational for education.

God is the Creator of the universe, and everything that exists, including all knowledge, is ultimately sourced in God. God is able to communicate His knowledge to mankind because man is made in God’s likeness. Though mankind rebelled against God, God has graciously provided redemption, including the regeneration of the mind, through the atoning work of Christ on the cross.

Thus, the omniscient God who knows all things shares some of what He knows with His creatures in human knowledge. What man as a creature can know never invades the sphere of knowledge of the Creator, but reflects God’s knowledge analogically, even as man as a being made in God’s image reflects God’s being analogically. Moreover, a reasonable mind has been given to man so that he is able to receive knowledge from God, to apply the teaching of God to life and to communicate God’s truth to others.
Furthermore, God is a God of truth in that His knowledge eternally conforms to His being. Truth for His creatures is therefore that which is an expression of the mind of God. Since all truth is sourced in the nature and mind of God, truth is absolute, eternal and unchangeable because God Himself is immutable.

God has revealed knowledge that is foundational for all of life and eternity in the Bible, and thus Scripture is the center and core of all learning at STS. Because God’s Word is truth, we believe that the content of Scripture must be enunciated clearly and authoritatively. All courses, including theology, church ministries, and counseling are understood and taught in relation to the infallible Word of God.

Theological education is not simply a transfer of biblical knowledge, but an ongoing transformation of the whole person. STS intentionally and strategically endeavors to shape Christian intellect, character and spiritual awareness according to the model of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We prayerfully strive to equip students to communicate and to apply the Christian faith throughout their daily lives.

To express our educational philosophy to our students, STS offers courses in three main areas: (1) Exegetical Theology, composed of courses in Bible Exposition, Old Testament, Hebrew, New Testament, and Greek; (2) Theology, composed of courses in Systematic Theology and Historical Theology; and (3) Pastoral Theology, composed of courses in Practical Theology, Missions and Evangelism, and Biblical Counseling.