sts archaeology and the bible announcement

Archaeology and the Bible

Shepherds Theological Seminary has the privilege of featuring Adjunct Professor and Archaeologist Joel Kramer in an intensive class from September 6-11, called “Archaeology and the Bible.” The course will be Monday-Friday 6-10pm and Saturday 8am-noon. This course will be a community class, so individuals and churches are invited to audit this course! Joel will focus his lectures on some sites where some controversy exists and show how taking the Bible as the starting point produces the best results.

As a community class, the audit application is not required to register for the course; instead, please register through the link below!

$500 per church via Zoom
$50 per person via Zoom
$75 per person for those live in the classroom

If you are already an approved audit or credit student and are interested in taking the course, please register through Populi, where the course is named “Archaeological Method and Theory.” For those credit students who take this course, the homework will add the component of how to do archaeology properly along with looking at some sites more in-depth.