Biblical Literature & Languages

The Master of Arts in Biblical Literature and Languages (MA(BLL) is designed for those students who seek a level of professional competence in the Bible and theology with a heavy emphasis on the biblical languages and who are preparing for advanced degrees and teaching posts. This master’s program is suitable for educators, translators, global workers, and other servant leaders who minister apart from pastoral duties.


One of the hallmarks of the MA(BLL) is the emphasis on languages and textual criticism. If you choose this degree you will participate in several translation projects and other initiatives geared at training you at the highest levels. Students who excel in the MA(BLL) may find themselves traveling to Oxford University in England, or to Israel as part of multiple scholastic partnerships aimed at training the next generation of scholars.


Credit Hours




Elective Credit Hours


Avg. Years to Complete


CE 500Research and Writing1
BE 501Old Testament Studies I: Pentateuch and Former Prophets3
BE 502Old Testament Studies II: Latter Prophets and Writings3
BE 504Hermeneutics and Biblical Research3
BE 511New Testament Studies I: Matthew to Acts3
BE 512New Testament Studies II: Romans to Revelation3
OT 650Biblical Hebrew Exegesis3
OT 702Old Testament Textual Criticism2
OT 750Advanced Hebrew Reading2
NT 650Biblical Greek Exegesis I3
NT 651Biblical Greek Exegesis II3
NT 702Advanced Greek Reading2
NT 750NT Textual Criticism2
TH 501Systematic Theology I3
TH 502Systematic Theology II3
TH 503Systematic Theology III3
TH 601Systematic Theology IV3
TH 602Apologetics2
HT 501Historical Theology I: Pentecost to the Reformation2
HT 502Historical Theology II: Post-Reformation to the Modern Church2
PT 511Integrated Seminary in Education2
PT 512Principles and Methods of Teaching and Learning2
HT/NT/OT 580Mentored Thesis 12
HT/NT/OT 680Mentored Thesis 22
OT ElecHebrew Exegesis Elective2
NT ElecGreek Exegesis Elective2
ElectiveTextual Criticism Elective2
BE 513*History and Geography of Israel3
Total MABLL68

*A student can elect to not attend the study trip to Israel. In such cases HT/NT/OT 700–level course electives may be taken in place of this course.






To qualify for the MA(BLL) a student must complete the required number of credits with a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. Applicants to this program are assumed to have acquired the fundamentals of Greek and Hebrew at the undergraduate level. Students may take first year courses in these languages while at the seminary, but those courses would be in addition to the requirements for the degree and would not contribute to the student’s GPA. An entrance exam in Greek and Hebrew is used to evaluate the applicant’s incoming facility with the languages so that review in first year courses can be recommended if necessary.


*For full policies and information please review the current academic catalog. 

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