Earn your Masters of Theological Studies in Bryan, Texas

Shepherds Texas is an extension of Shepherds Theological Seminary’s main campus, offering a remote degree for students who are pursuing the MTS

Onsite and Live Stream with a Classroom Feel

Students learn from instructors onsite or via high-quality video conference into classes taking place at the main campus. Participate in a live classroom environment with other students at the teaching site and engage in class discussions from a distance through live stream. Distance learning provides live correspondence with professor and highly interactive class sessions.


We offer a rotation of courses that allows students the flexibility to finish their Masters degree in two years or at their own pace. All required courses are available at the Texas teaching site, either through onsite lectures or live streaming with the Cary Campus.


The Master of Theological Studies degree is designed for students looking for an entry level masters degree that provides both a strong foundation in the Bible and theology, but also prepares them to serve more effectively where ever God has called them, whether in the local Church or in their place of employment. The MTS degree also appeals to students who may consider more advanced degree work and it counts towards 45% of MDiv should a student decide to continue their studies.


Credit Hours


Geographic Locations






RS 500Research and Writing1
BE 501Old Testament Studies I: Pentateuch and Former Prophets3
BE 502Old Testament Studies II: Latter Prophets and Writings3
BE 504Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics3
BE 511New Testament Studies I: Matthew to Acts3
BE 512New Testament Studies II: Romans to Revelation3
BE 513*History and Geography of Israel3
BE 613Life of Christ3
TH 501Systematic Theology I3
TH 502Systematic Theology II3
TH 503Systematic Theology III3
TH 601Systematic Theology IV3
HT 501**Historical Theology I: Pentecost to the Reformation2
HT 502**Historical Theology II: Post-Reformation to the Modern Church2
PT 581/582**Ministry Preparation for Men/Women2
Elec.**Open Elective2
Total MTS Credits42

*If a student decides not to take advantage of the study trip to Israel, electives may be taken in place of this course. However, since electives are two credit courses, the student will need to choose two electives, increasing the total number of credits to 43.




Requirements & Unique Features

The MTS is the only degree that Shepherds Theological Seminary offers outside of our main campus in Cary, NC. Currently STS offers teaching sites in three locations (Laramie, WY; Bryan, TX; and Singapore). Each teaching site is housed in a local church just like Shepherds’ main campus, and each site offers the same chance for mentorship and discipleship that our main campus does, just on a smaller scale.


Delivery Method


The curriculum of the MTS degree is delivered to student via multiple educational avenues:


1. On-Site: Each site offers local courses, often taught by an STS professor or adjunct who flies out for the course (done in a 1-week intensive format).

2. Live Stream: Many of the courses in the MTS are taught via ZOOM, our awesome live-streaming video platform. ZOOM allows students at the teaching sites to see, hear, and participate in our main campus courses, as if they were physically there. In simple terms, ZOOM is just like Skype or Facetime, but for higher education…and with a lot more features.

3. Online: From time to time, certain MTS courses will be offered in a fully online format and delivered via our LMS. Students will still meet at the teaching site for a “flipped classroom” experience where they will discuss the online course with the teaching site director or mentor.


No matter the delivery method, MTS students are guaranteed a regular and substantive interaction with Shepherds professors and staff!

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