Community Class Offered on Jerusalem: Past, Present, and Future

Shepherds’ own Dean and Provost, Dr. Tim Sigler will be teaching a class on Jerusalem: Past, Present, and Future this winter. The course will take place January 14 – 19 in the evenings and is open to members of Colonial Baptist Church as well as current STS students. Community classes are offered as part of an effort to open Shepherds Theological Seminary’s teaching resources to the CBC community here in Cary.

The course will examine the role of Jerusalem in the biblical storyline, tracing key themes as they unfold throughout Scripture. It will focus on areas of literary, historical, cultural and theological significance pertaining to Jerusalem’s centrality in the Bible, with a special emphasis on the unity of Scripture as it reaches its fullness and fulfillment in Jesus the Messianic King.

Dr. Sigler has created and contributed to numerous curricula for study abroad programs in Israel and Jordan, and he actively writes and lectures as the Israel Scholar-in-Residence for CJF Ministries. In addition to teaching this course on Jerusalem, he specializes in areas related to biblical language and literature, leading courses in Biblical Hebrew, Old Testament Wisdom Literature, Old Testament Historical Literature, Biblical Archaeology, and more.

Dates: Jan. 14 – 19, 2019

Monday – Friday 6 – 10pm, and Saturday 8am – Noon

CBC Member Price (Audit): $50

To register for this course, please click here.