Courses Offered

Exegetical Theology

Exegetical Theology courses prepare students to understand, interpret, and teach accurately the Scriptures in their own literary, historical, and theological settings. Courses range from introductory to advanced and include learning to articulate the theological contribution of individual books within the canon to the theology of Scripture as a whole. To accomplish this, the student is expected to exegete Scripture in its original languages using appropriate tools and to use the biblical languages in preparation for teaching Scriptures.


Systematic and historical theology courses prepare the student to understand and to articulate clearly theological truths in language that is consistent with Scripture for the purpose of knowing and honoring God and shaping his or her present and future ministries. As a context for this, students evaluate for biblical accuracy the theological resources of the church, including the creeds, confessions, sermons and other historic documents. This evaluation includes appraisal of the issues and doctrinal struggles faced and decisions made by previous generations in preparation to defend the church against contemporary theological error.

Pastoral Theology

Pastoral Theology courses extend over a wide range of disciplines from which the student prepares for specific ministry fields. These include learning to communicate the Word of God effectively through teaching, expository preaching, and biblical counseling. Students also learn to engage in both personal and corporate evangelism and discipleship, and to participate in the ministry of missions around the world. Pastoral students learn to lead the church in effective worship that includes the church ordinances, and to shepherd the church with biblical principles of administration based on a New Testament model of church polity.