Stephen D. Davey

Founder and President
Professor of Practical Theology



Dr. Stephen Davey, the son of missionary parents, was raised to love Christ, His church, and His Word. In his last year of high school, Stephen committed his life to serving Christ. His preparations for ministry eventually included studies at Liberty University, Tennessee Temple University, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, and Dallas Theological Seminary.


In 1986, Stephen and his wife Marsha moved with their infant twin sons to Cary, North Carolina, to plant Colonial Baptist Church (colonial.org). Committed to the exposition of Scripture and a grace-oriented ministry, the church plant grew to include several thousand households. Today, Stephen preaches at three Sunday morning worship services as well as participates in numerous teaching and discipleship offerings throughout the week. In September of 2020, Stephen reaches 33 years of faithful ministry, serving Christ as the pastor/teacher of this wonderful ministry and church family.


Dr. Davey also serves as the president of Shepherds Theological Seminary, a young and exciting seminary which has earned full membership status with ATS. With an outstanding faculty and growing student body, Shepherds currently meets on the beautiful campus of Colonial.  Stephen enjoys interacting with the students, as well as teaching Pastoral Theology and Creative Bible Teaching.


In addition, Stephen is the principal Bible teacher for Wisdom for the Heart, an international radio and resource ministry that’s heard on 300 radio stations. His radio messages are translated into seven languages worldwide, which include Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, Telugu, Hindi, Mandarin and Arabic.  Wisdom’s new website now offers free sermon transcripts and audio content for listeners (wisdomonline.org).


Stephen has authored more than 40 books, study guides, commentaries, and booklets published by Ambassador, Kress Biblical Resources, Charity House, and LOGOS.




BA Tennessee Temple University
MDiv Detroit Baptist Seminary
STM Dallas Theological Seminary
DD Hindustan Bible College and Seminary



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