Featured Course: TH620 Studies in Sanctification

Dr. Marny Köstenberger is offering a new course at Shepherds Theological Seminary in the upcoming summer term – TH620 Studies in Sanctification. This course is designed specifically for women to embrace growth in holiness. Through a theological survey of sanctification in the Bible, women are encouraged toward genuine maturity and will be equipped to mentor other women in the service and mission of God. Contact Dr. Köstenberger at [email protected] if you have any further questions.

The 1-week modular course takes place from May 24-29. Class times run from 6pm-10pm on Monday the 24th through Friday the 28th, and from 8am-12pm on Saturday the 29th.

Current audit or credit students can add this course in Populi under Profile > Registration. Alumni should contact Lucy Burggraff ([email protected]) to be added to the roster. For any first-time students who want to take this course for audit or credit, please apply now. Note that this course is available in-person as well as online via Zoom.