Shepherds Students Give Presentation at Museum of the Bible

30 May, 2018 – Two Shepherds Theological Seminary students were invited to be a part of the “Did You Know” series at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC. Shepherds’ very own Dr. Andy Smith supervised the museum’s Greek Paul Project, designed to integrate students into scholarship and manuscript research. STS students Steve Young and Denis Salgado had the privilege of interacting with original manuscripts and contributing to a greater database of biblical texts.

As a result of this hands-on experience, both Steve and Denis were prepared to speak on different aspects of textual criticism. Steve, a Masters student in Biblical languages, spoke on the study and use of Biblical manuscripts. His presentation viewed a handful of original texts and showed how these fragments contributed to today’s Bible translations. He also pointed out different features such as nomina sacra and numbers that can be found on the manuscripts currently on display at the museum.


Denis, a recent graduate from Shepherds, shared his Masters thesis research pertaining to Papyrus Bodmer 24, a Greek codex of the Psalms. This codex contains a large section, starting at Ps 17:45 and going to Ps 118:44. In his presentation, Denis pointed out different features that are visible on the manuscript, such as nomina sacra, scribal edits and Psalm divisions, demonstrating where they can be found on the ancient text. He also explained how these markings contribute to the wider field of textual criticism. Sections of P. Bodmer 24 are currently on display at the museum and the features noted by Denis are visible for guests to see.


To support this special event, Shepherds sent a team of four faculty members and ten current students to visit the Museum of the Bible and hear the presentations. This team was able to spend two full days touring and taking in all that the museum had to offer.

On the second day, students participated in a tour of the different manuscripts led by Dr. Smith. Out of the wealth of his knowledge and study, Dr. Smith highlighted important features on the manuscripts that one might easily gloss over while perusing the texts. Key historical insights related to the different fragments were also pointed out for everyone to see. The tour concluded with an exclusive up close and personal look at an original fragment from P. Bodmer 24 that Denis had studied as part of his thesis and presentation.


Lizzy, a current STS student said that “the Museum of the Bible is a great display of the Lord’s work in preserving His written Word over time. It was especially meaningful to me, as a student of Greek at STS, to be able to see some of the original Greek manuscripts, as well as hear my fellow students and professors teaching about them. Seeing these manuscripts, as well as hearing about the upcoming Greek translation our fellow students are working on, have affected me in that they have given me further affirmation of how much we can trust the written form of Scripture we hold in our hands today.”

To learn more about Shepherds Theological Seminary visit More information on the Greek Paul Project can be found here. The lectures by Steve and Denis were casted on Facebook live and can be found at the links below.

Steve Young – The Study and Use of Biblical Manuscripts

Denis Salgado – Fourth-Century Papyrus Bodmer 24