Thomas Baber
Director of Texas Teaching Site

William Barber
Director of Mentoring and Placement
Director of Shepherds 360 Regional Fellowship

Brad Bogart
Information Technology

Douglas Bookman
Director of Student Recruitment

David Burggraff

Lucy Burggraff
Registrar & Financial Aid
Shepherds Wives Fellowship

Ann Clampett
Recruitment Coordinator
Administrative Assistant for Recruiting

William Coberly
Director of Library Services

Norma Fincher
Library Curator

Ewart Hodgins
Chief Financial Officer

Alan Jones
Director of Distance Learning

Ed Maness
Director of Security and Safety

Patrick Perkins
Associate Director of Atlanta Teaching Site

Jo-Ellen Platt
Administrative Assistant for Mentoring

Clayton Schultz
Director of Laramie Teaching Site

Roger Skepple
Director of Atlanta Teaching Site

June Volstad
Administrative Assistant to Dean & Bursar

Eric Weathers
Associate Director of Texas Teaching Site

Kelly Woods