Summer Classes

Summer Classes Begin May 18, 2020


Shepherds Theological Seminary announces its 2020 summer schedule. We would like to extend an invitation to our Colonial family to audit one or all of these courses, which begin on May 18 and run through June 27.


As Shepherds is currently in the process of opening a Department of Biblical Archeology – applying for dig licenses in Israel and Jordan – you may be interested in joining our Provost and Dean Dr. Tim M. Sigler as he kicks off our summer schedule with an Introduction to Biblical Archaeology (May 18-23). Other courses include:


  • Issues in Hermeneutics with Dr. Eric Bargerhuff
  • Church & State in Historical & Theological Perspective with Dr. Mark Larson
  • Counseling Like Jesus with Dr. Gary Hallquist
  • Principles of Leadership Development with Dr. Andy Burggraff
  • Exegesis of Ephesians with Dr. Steven Runge


For more information contact us at 919-573-1571.

Course Descriptions

AR 515 Introduction to Biblical Archaeology with our Provost/Dean Dr. Tim Sigler from May 18-23.
Learn about the most significant discoveries, contributions, and controversies that have emerged in the world of biblical archaeology with our own local expert and discover how ancient material cultural remains (such as tools, pottery, jewelry, architecture, monuments, and inscriptions) enlighten our understanding of the biblical world.


Prior to STS, Dr. Sigler served with distinction at the Moody Bible Institute (Chicago, IL) for 18 years, most recently as Professor of Hebrew and Biblical Studies. Dr. Sigler specializes in areas related to biblical languages and literature and has taught courses such as Life in Bible Times (Historical Geography and Bible Backgrounds), Hebrew Grammar I & II, Hebrew Exegesis I & II, Old Testament Wisdom Literature, Old Testament Historical Literature, Hermeneutics/Methods of Bible Study, Biblical Archaeology, and Biblical Theology of Jerusalem. He has also created numerous curricula and study opportunities for others, including study abroad programs in Israel and Jordan. On two separate occasions, his courses have received the ACCESS Course of the Year Award in a competition for online education curriculum sponsored by Christianity Today (Interpreting the OT Historical Books, 2018; and Hermeneutics, 2004). He is a member of the Evangelical Seminary Deans Council, the Evangelical Theological Society, the Society of Biblical Literature, the Near East Archaeological Society, and the American Schools of Oriental Research.


The class will utilize a number of his academic contributions to the field such as the following:

BE 625 Issues in Hermeneutics with Dr. Eric Bargerhuff from June 1st-5th.


Eric J. Bargerhuff, PhD, has served in pastoral ministry in churches in Ohio, Illinois, and Florida. He received his doctorate in biblical and systematic theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. His passion is to write systematic and practical theology for the purposes of spiritual growth and reform in the church. He is a member of the Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology (SAET) and the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS).

 His first publication, Love that Rescues: God’s Fatherly Love in the Practice of Church Discipline, explores the grace and fatherly love of God that should be embodied in a church’s efforts to restore a brother or sister in Christ who has gone astray.


This class will follow two of his books:

HT 607 Church & State in Historical & Theological Perspective with Dr. Mark Larson from June 8th-13th


This course will incorporate part of the new book, The Reformers on War, Peace and Justice, of which Dr. Larson is co-author.

BC 510 Counseling Like Jesus with Dr. Gary Hallquist from June 15th-20th


Gary Hallquist is an Assistant Professor of Practical Theology. His main areas of teaching include Biblical Counseling and Worship Studies. Gary has over thirty years of church ministry experience, including four years as a professor at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree and a Master of Music degree, as well as a Master of Theological Studies from Beeson Divinity School and a Doctor of Worship Studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Dr. Hallquist intends to write a book by this title, so be watching.


CE 510 Principles of Leadership Development with Dr. Andy Burggraff from June 22nd-27th.


Andrew Burggraff is the Mobilization and Discipleship Coordinator at Communities of Grace International.


This course is great for anyone in leadership including Sunday School teachers, Pastors, Missionaries, etc.


NT 758 Exegesis of Ephesians with Dr. Steven Runge also from June 22nd-27th. (This course requires 4 semesters of Greek as a prerequisite).


Steven Runge, D. Litt Scholar-In-Residence, Logos Bible Software ( | Dr. Runge serves as a Scholar-in-Residence at Logos Bible Software. He has a Doctor of Literature degree in Biblical Languages from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, supervised by Christo Van der Merwe.

Steven Runge – Logos


You may have his book on Discourse Analysis.