Master of Theological Studies

One-Year Program

The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree is a fully accredited 42-hour program providing graduates with an advanced understanding of the Bible and theology. It is designed for those who desire growth in their own personal discipleship as well as preparation for life and ministry. The MTS also provides an excellent foundation for further studies in the Master of Divinity degree.


The one-year MTS program provides intentional discipleship within an authentic community through hands-on opportunities to serve the local church. Each month, students attend a one-week intensive course on the campus of Trinity College of Florida and participate in the congregational life of Keystone Bible Church in Odessa, FL, where they are engaged in a comprehensive verse-by-verse study of the Scriptures and meet for one-on-one discipleship with program staff.


Our one-year format makes theological training available to future teachers, engineers, doctors, programmers, pastors, global workers, and men and women of all professions. Our intentional community focus challenges students to put the truths they learn in the classroom into action in their respective career fields.


Students complete the full one-year program as a cohort. Banded together for mutual benefit, students learn the Bible, participate in class, travel to Israel, and serve the body of Christ together. Coupled with the one-on-one discipleship, these aspects of community combine to create a culture where students are challenged to grow and live authentically in community throughout their time in the program.


Students in the one-year program spend an impactful two weeks traveling and studying the history and geography of Israel, in conjunction with a 3-credit course. This study trip is part of the larger Shepherds initiative that is built upon two convictions: (1) that students will know and convey God’s Word better by seeing it visually; and (2) that Israel is uniquely accessible today in a manner unlike it had been for much of recent history.

Visualizing God’s Word

Our professors believe that teaching students on location provides the best and most enriching way to help them grow in understanding the biblical narrative. For our students, Israel becomes their giant blackboard, their real-life PowerPoint as the pages of Scripture come alive when they walk in the footsteps of Jesus, David, the Prophets, and other heroes of the faith.

Jordan’s Importance for Biblical Studies

Our students have the privilege of exploring this land so rich in historical and theological significance. Jordan features major sites from both Testaments and from the intertestamental period, including Petra, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Edom.

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