Vision 2020: Shepherds 360 Church Leaders Conference

This year’s Shepherds 360 Church Leaders conference will be held from October 19th-21st. The theme is Vision. Over three days, we’ll explore a range of subjects related to this theme, featuring workshops and sessions from some of the most renowned evangelical theologians and speakers. This is the seventh annual Shepherds 360 Conference, hosted by Shepherds Theological Seminary and Colonial Baptist Church.

Speakers in the past have included Paul David Tripp, Al Mohler, Wayne Grudem, Stephen Davey, and Erwin Lutzer. This year’s lineup includes Mohler, Lutzer, Davey, Bruce Ware, Jared Wilson, Costi Hinn, Nicolas Ellen, and many more. The Shepherds 360 conference is designed for pastors and other church leaders to come and refresh their ministries as they make new connections and gain fresh insights through rich general sessions and workshops. Ministry tracks include workshops for pastors, executive pastors, youth ministers, women, and even more.

To learn more about the Shepherds 360 conference, and to register to attend, please use the link below.