Educational Effectiveness

Shepherds Theological Seminary exists to impact the world for Christ by equipping servant leaders for life and ministry by strategically shaping both intellect and character through biblical scholarship and personal mentoring.

Shepherds maintains an ongoing assessment of its educational effectiveness that is published on its web site and is available on request. The assessment is conducted annually with the graduating class and covers (1) overall student satisfaction, (2) student retention, degree completion, and career placement rates, (3) growth in student spiritual formation and knowledge, (4) most important factors affecting learning, (5) additional debt incurred, and (6) important sources of additional income while at Shepherds.

How do the May 2015 Graduates Rate Satisfaction with their Shepherds Seminary Experience?


What is Shepherds’ Experience with Student Retention, Degree Completion, and Placement Rates?

Of the degree-seeking students who were enrolled in a particular Fall semester, how many either successfully completed their degree or were actively making progress towards their degree in the subsequent Fall semester?


Of the Shepherds 42 MDiv and MA students who graduated in 2012, 2013, 2014, how long did they require to complete degree requirements?


What fraction of each graduating class is engaged in pastoral/professional ministry or pursuing advanced graduate studies?


In what ministry or vocational fields do Shepherds graduates report they are engaged in today?


How does the May 2015 Graduating Class Rate its Growth in Spiritual Formation and Knowledge Gained while at Shepherds?



Which was the most important factor influencing learning while at Shepherds?


For the May 2014 Graduating Class, what were the most Significant Factors Affecting Finances?

Most students did not incur additional educational debt.


Students used a wide range of financial resources.


Academic costs to complete MDiv and MACM degrees at Shepherds Seminary are significantly lower than comparable ATS schools.


Notes for this chart

  1. $13,901 estimated 2015-2016 average ATS tuition and fees charged for basic ministerial leadership degree programs for full-time equivalent enrollment based on linear trend of tuition and fees from academic years 2010-2011 through 2014-2015. See (Table 4.1) for the 2014-2015 figure and the same table in other ATS Annual Data Tables for academic years 2010-2011 through 2013-2014.
  2. These figures assume that the $13,901 estimated 2015-2016 average ATS tuition and fees applies to a 30 credit hour per academic year full-time equivalent. Using that assumption, the $13,901 was then divided by 30 to yield the ATS 2015-2016 average ATS tuition and fees per credit hour. That figure was then multiplied by the STS credit hours required for each degree: MDiv-92; MA-47; MABL&L-68; and MTS-41.