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Financial aid comes in many forms, from private loans, to military benefits, to seminary scholarships and grants. One of our primary goals and concerns is stewardship and making sure students do not take on more debt then they can realistically handle with a ministry career. To that end, we keep our tuition as low as possible. To the right are some links that will help you navigate the financial aid process and learn more about how STS handles financial aid. If you have any financial aid questions, do not hesitate to call our financial aid office at 919-573-1586, or simply stop by!


In addition, please click here to see our reporting regarding the CARES Act Grant Sections 18004(a)(1) and 18804-(a)(3).

Financial Aid FAQs

How much is tuition?

View the full STS tuition and fees chart here.

What should I plan on spending for books, materials, and other non-tuition charges?

On average, students spend about $100-$200 on books for each course. Please use our Net Price Calculator to learn more about the total cost of attending seminary.

Do you participate in Title IV Federal Financial Aid?

STS has approval from the Department of Education to participate in Title IV federal direct loans. This approval allows students to defer previously received federal student loans. Please call the Seminary Financial Aid Office at 919-573-1572 if you have questions regarding federal grants and loans.

Can I defer my current student loans while enrolled at STS?

Normally that is allowed and we can assist you in determining if your loans are eligible for deferment. Simply contact the Financial Aid office at 919-573-1572 or stop by.

How do I apply for scholarships at STS?

In general, STS Scholarships are available for students who have both a need, and qualify for the scholarship stipulations. Additionally, students do not become eligible to apply for an in-house scholarship until they have attended at least two semesters.

Can I use military benefits to study at STS?

Yes. Please visit our Veterans Benefits page for more information on using your military benefits.

Are there payment plans available to spread out the cost of a semester?

Yes, we do offer payment plans. There is a one-time fee of $25 to set it up per semester.  It allows the student to divide their semester total into four payments, with the first payment due the first day of classes (see page 89 in the catalog for more details). There is also a late payment fee of $25 if the payment is not made on time. Usually it is the student’s responsibility to notify STS that they wish to be on this plan. You can contact the Bursar for more information at 919-573-1554.