The Master of Arts in Biblical Archaeology (MABA) provides graduate level instruction in Biblical Archaeology. Students will learn the history, theory, and practice of archaeology, all while engaging in a comprehensive study of the Bible and its theology. Students who choose the optional thesis track will be fully prepared to apply to PhD programs in archaeology.


Years to complete

life-changing dig


Required for all MABA Students

Total Required Semester Credit Hours65
RS 505Research for Theological Education2
BE 501Old Testament Studies I: Pent and Former Prophets3
BE 502Old Testament Studies II: Latter Prophets and Writings3
BE 504Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics3
BE 511New Testament Studies I: Matthew to Acts3
BE 512New Testament Studies II: Romans to Revelation3
HT 500Historical Theology
TH 501Systematic Theology I3
TH 502Systematic Theology II3
TH 503Systematic Theology III3
TH 601Systematic Theology IV3
TH 609Spiritual Formation & Discipleship3
AR 500Introduction to Archaeology3
AR 505Archaeological Method and Theory3
AR 610Archaeological Fieldwork I3
AR 615Archaeological Fieldwork II3
AR 625Archaeological Laboratory3
AR 630Archaeology and the NT3
AR 632Archaeology and the OT3
AR ***Archaeology Electives (three classes)9


AR 620Biblical Chronology3
AR 626Intertestamental Literature3
AR 628History of Israel3
AR 634Exploration of the Land of the Bible3
AR 636Geography of Bible Lands3
AR 640Greco-Roman World3
AR 710Archaeological Fieldwork III3
AR 715Archaeological Fieldwork IV3
AR 720Dead Sea Scrolls3
AR 726Literature of the Ancient Near East3
AR 790Thesis I3
RS 792Thesis II3


Joel Kramer

Research Professor of Archaeology

Joel Kramer serves as Adjunct Professor of Biblical Archaeology – our “archaeologist in the field”…

read more.

Mary Buck

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Mary Buck serves as an Adjunct Faculty of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Shepherds…read more.

Titus Kennedy

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Titus Kennedy is a field archaeologist working primarily with sites and materials related to the Bible…read more.




Clayton Schultz

Director of Archaeology

Dr. Clayton Schultz serves as the Director of The WEST Institute (Laramie, WY), where he is responsible for…read more.



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