Executive Administration

Stephen D. Davey

Founder & President

Tim Sigler

Provost & Dean

Thomas Pittman

Vice President of Academic Affairs & Chief Academic Officer

Brett Ingalls bio
Brett Ingalls

Director of Advancement

Resident Faculty

Dr Thomas Baber bio
Thomas J. Baber

Director, Texas Teaching Site & Adjunct Professor of Bible and Theology

William W. Barber

Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology

Douglas D. Bookman

Professor of Old/New Testament & Bible Exposition

Dr Andy Burggraff bio
Andy Burggraff

Director of Student Services & Adjunct Professor of Christian Education

David L. Burggraff

Professor of Systematic Theology

Jimmy Carter

Director, Shepherds Institute

William G. Coberly

Director of Library Services & Adjunct Professor of New Testament and Bible Exposition

Stephen D. Davey

Professor of Practical Theology

Peter Goeman

Assistant Professor of Old Testament & Biblical Languages

dr gary hallquist bio
Gary Hallquist

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Les Lofquist

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Larry D. Pettegrew

Research Professor of Theology

Thomas Pittman

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Alan Potter

Distinguished Professor of Pastoral Theology & Church Planting

Clayton Schultz

Director, The WEST Institute & Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Tim Sigler

Professor of Hebrew & Biblical Studies

W. Andrew Smith

Associate Professor of New Testament & Early Christianity

Dr Michael Vlach bio
Michael J. Vlach

Professor of Theology

Recurring Adjuncts

Eric J. Bargerhuff

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Mary Buck

Adjunct Professor of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations

Margaret E. Köstenberger

Adjunct Professor of Women’s Studies

Titus Kennedy | Faculty and Staff
Titus Kennedy

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Archaeology

Joel Kramer

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Archaeology

David Miller

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies