At Shepherds, community is an integral part of the spiritual growth our students experience. We have a variety of avenues by which community is developed, including our weekly chapel services during the academic year, as well as several opportunities for fellowship among students, their families, and the faculty and staff of Shepherds.


Admission Requirements
  • Online application
  • All undergraduate transcripts (if applicable)
  • Three recommendations (using form in online application)
  • Background check (administered during application process)
  • DMin applicants can see additional requirements and considerations here


Learn more about options for students without an undergraduate degree.

Application Deadlines
  • Applications should be submitted at least 1 month prior to the start of a semester
  • Contact the Registrar to request application consideration after the deadline
  • Separate one-year program application deadlines for Cary NC, Laramie WY, and Bryan TX, campuses

See our current academic calendar for semester start dates.

Online Learning
  • All degrees can be completed online (except for cohort programs, such as the DMin and the one-year MTS)
  • Online students attend virtually at the same time the class is being held live
  • Online learning utilizes Zoom platform and conferencing tech
  • No additional fees for online learning
  • Plan to attend in person if you live within 1 hr of campus
  • Students in CA are not eligible for distance learning due to national reciprocity agreement
Tuition & Fees

Current rates:

  • $370 full-time tuition rate
  • $395 part-time tuition rate
  • $495 DMin tuition rate


Estimated total degree costs:*

  • DMin (over 3 years): $20,480
  • ThM (over 2 years): $11,090
  • MDiv (over 4 years): $37,080
  • MABLL (over 4 years): $31,830
  • MABS (over 3 years): $24,640
  • MACM (over 2 years): $19,230
  • MTS (over 2 years): $17,380
  • One-Year MTS: $22,000


See the full list of STS tuition & fees.

* Estimates are based on full-time tuition rate and include recurring and one-time fees.

Financial Aid
  • Federal unsubsidized direct loans under Title IV
  • Military and VA education benefits
  • In-house scholarships & aid


Learn more about the types of financial aid available at STS

  • Accredited by ATS
  • Authorized to grant degrees
  • Authorized for online learning
  • Accredited by the ECFA

Learn more about STS’ accreditation.

Block Class Format
  • Fall & spring classes meet once a week for 2-3 hr blocks
  • Most classes are in the evenings (M – Th)
  • Morning, afternoon, & evening classes on Mondays
  • Monday schedule enables students to take up to 9 credit hours in a single day
  • Allows for flexibility in work and ministry schedules

See the current class schedule.

International Students
  • Online application
  • Approved English language proficiency test may apply
  • Validated transcripts
  • Must prove financial ability to fund education

Learn more about the admissions requirements for international students.

Transfer of Credits
  • Credits from other institutions can be reviewed for transfer into STS degree programs
  • Number of credits accepted, if any, is decided after review (official transcripts must be reviewed by Chief Academic Officer)
Audit Classes

What is auditing?

  • A cheaper way to attend courses
  • Full access to course materials and lectures
  • Does not count for credit
  • No attendance or assignment requirements


How to become an audit student:

  • Shortened online application
  • Pastoral recommendation letter
  • Background check (administered during application process)


See the full list of STS tuition & fees for our current audit rate.