Equipping Servant Leaders

for Life & Ministry

As a student here at STS you will experience a curriculum that is academically rigorous, relevant to ministry, and personally rewarding. You will be challenged intellectually, sharpened through practice, and fed spiritually…preparing you to be the servant-leader God desires you to be. Something amazing happens when you study the Word of God in a seminary setting with fellow believers in a community of faith, learning, and practice. Come experience the Shepherds Difference.

With courses available in our unique “Block Monday” format, as well as both daytime and evening courses, STS offers students tremendous flexibility in pursuing their education. Most courses meet one time per week for 2-3 hours over a 14 week semester. With part-time and full-time options available in all of our programs, students can find the appropriate balance between seminary, ministry, work, and family.
Explore Our Degrees
Master of Divinity</p>
Master of Divinity


92 credits / 3-4 years
The Premier Pastoral Degree
Multiple Areas of Concentration
Pastoral and Academic Focus


Master of Arts in Biblical Literature & Languages</p>
<p>MA (BLL)
Master of Arts in Biblical Literature & Languages


68 credits / 2-3 years
Ph.D. preparatory degree
Focus on biblical languages
Focus on textual criticism


Master of Arts in Christian Ministry</p>
Master of Arts in Christian Ministry


35 credits / 1-2 years
A Professional Ministry Degree
Concentration in Christian Ministry
Concentration in Biblical Counseling


Master of Theological Studies</p>
Master of Theological Studies


41 credits / 1 year
Intensive Format Academic Degree
Practical Theology Focus
Only Available at STS Teaching Sites


Women's Programs
Women's Programs
Custom MDIV and MACM for Women
Purposeful Academics
Practical Apologetics
Preparation for Meaningful Ministry



Diploma Programs
Diploma Programs
35-41 credits / 1-2 years
Multiple Diploma Options
For Students without a BA or BS Degree
Available for Credit or Audit




Subsidized Tuition Rate For Full-Time Students







Financial Aid

STS provides scholarships, need-based grants, fellowships, work opportunities, and loans to our eligible candidates. If you are interesting in learning more about financial aid availability as well as VA/TA benefits, visit our financial aid page.




What are the admissions requirements?

Since STS is a graduate school, if you are planning on pursuing one of our masters degrees you will need to have an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. You do not need to have attended a Christian college or university either, in fact, most of our students come from large state universities or community colleges. We will ask you for your undergraduate transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and we will want to get to know you a bit. The STS admissions process is very personal and engaging, since we desire to connect with every single applicant. It is a part of the “family feel” here at STS.


If you are interested in studying at STS but you do not have an undergraduate degree we would encourage you to get your degree first. If that is not possible, we offer a diploma program (click here for more info) that allows you to take courses, but not earn a degree. See the STS Catalog for full admissions policies and procedures.

Is STS accredited?

Yes. Shepherds Theological Seminary is accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) [10 Summit Park Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15275, Telephone: 412–788–6505, Fax: 421–788–6510, Website:].

Do you accept international students?

In very limited circumstances STS does accept international students. Becoming an international student is a very complex process and requires significant work and resources due to US governmental regulations. We encourage all potential international applicants to read our section on International Applications. Additionally, STS does not offer scholarships to new international students, and the government will require you to prove you have significant funding for both tuition costs and living costs before they grant you a visa.

Is student housing available?

Because STS is a local-church-based seminary we do not have on-campus housing. However, we do have a dedicated staff person who assists students with obtaining off-campus housing in the surrounding communities. We are more than happy to help you during the application process!

How many credits is considered full time? What is the average course-load like at STS?

On average 7-9 credit hours per semester is considered “full time” for graduate school. Most students will take 2-3 courses each semester which averages between 7-9 credit hours. You do not have to go full time, and we understand that many of our students are working adults and choose to study part time. Rest assured, STS will make sure you are taking a course load that you can both manage and succeed at!

I am an older adult, would I fit in at STS?

Yes! STS has a diverse student population with students ranging in age from mid-20s to mid-70s. Because of the Body of Christ is diverse STS actively seeks to train all ages for ministry. For many adults, going to seminary and preparing for ministry is the perfect capstone on an existing ministry career. For other adults they find that God has called them into ministry later in life and now is the time to prepare. Still other adults simply want to learn more about the Bible and their faith. There are many reasons to come study at STS.

Does STS offer any degrees for female students?

Female students are welcome to study in any of our degree programs! In fact, we have created a few concentrations specifically for women that prepares them for various jobs both in churches and in para-church organisations. For more information, please look at our academic programs here on the website, browse our catalog, or contact us and ask for the Director of Women’s Programs!

Do I have to take any tests to get into STS?

Nope! We do not require any standardized tests. However, since we are a graduate school, we do require students to have an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. You can learn more about the admissions requirements in our Academic Catalog.

Can I transfer credits from another seminary?

Yes, but there are certain rules STS must follow. In general, we can transfer in up to 30% of a degree program’s credit hours. However, the courses transferred in must be very similar to courses in the STS degree programs. The best way to determine if we can transfer your existing credits is to contact us and talk to the Registrar. Our Registrar can be reached at 919-573-1572.

How do I contact you to learn more or ask questions?

Please use our contact form, or call us at (919) 573-5350. Also, you might find it helpful to review our catalog.

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If you would like more information about STS or simply have some questions please use this form to send us a message or call our Admissions Department at 1-800-672-3060.

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