Shepherds Theological Seminary is passionate about dispensationalism, because it upholds the integrity of the text and the integrity of the Ultimate Author. Despite facing opposition, it remains the most logical and consistent lens for interpreting the Bible. We are so committed to the value of dispensationalism that our faculty produced the following short and engaging responses to its most important questions.


What are the Core Beliefs of Dispensationalism?

Is Dispensationalism a New Doctrine?

What are Some Common Misconceptions about Dispensationalism?

What Do We Mean by “Literal Hermeneutics”

Does Dispensationalism Give Priority to the Old Testament?

Do Dispensationalists believe in Typology?

How Does Dispensationalism Relate to the Covenants of Scripture?

Does Dispensationalism Stress Continuity or Discontinuity?

How Does Dispensationalism Influence our Preaching?

What are the Differences between Classical, Revised and Progressive Dispensationalism?

What is the Difference between Dispensational and Covenant Theology?

What is the difference between Dispensational and Progressive Covenantalism?