Alumni Institute

2nd Annual Alumni Institute on Eschatology in the 21st Century


The second annual Alumni Institute will take place March 12-13, 2020, at Colonial Baptist Church. Over that Thursday and Friday, Shepherds professors will expound on Eschatology in the 21st Century in a series of sessions geared to furnish a biblical understanding of the end times. The Alumni Institute brings together current and former students for continued growth and edification, while also allowing non-alumni to participate for a fee. Please see the information below for the full event details. Join us in sitting under sound teaching about the culmination of redemptive history!

Here is the outline of topics and speakers:


Session OneThe Fourth Beast: Islam or Rome? by Dr. Larry Pettegrew
Session TwoThe Glorious Kingdom: What Do We Know? by Dr. Dave Burggraff
Session ThreeDispensationalism, Eschatology, How God Keeps Covenant with Israel by Dr. Doug Bookman
LunchSolomon's Porch Forum on Pre-Tribulationalism
Session FourUsing Eschatology in the Practical Areas of Ministry Outreach by Dr. Andrew Burggraff
Session FiveTechnology and the End Times: Are We There Yet? by Russ White (Doctoral candidate, alumnus)
Session SixThe Expectation of the Kingdom and Israel's Repentance by Dr. Peter Goeman



Attend the Alumni Institute


March 12-13, 2020



Colonial Baptist Church
6051 Tryon Road
Cary, NC



Eschatology in the 21st Century


March 12, 2020 @ 12:30PM EST



STS Alumni – No Charge
Non-Alumni – $50



Registration is due by March 6, 2020

Contact Rhonda Shrum to register:
919-573-1552 or