The third annual Alumni Institute will take place March 11-12, 2021, at The Shepherd’s Church. Over that Thursday and Friday, Shepherds professors will teach a series of sessions over a specific topic relating to contemporary issues in theology and church ministry. The Alumni Institute brings together current and former students for continued growth and edification, while also allowing non-alumni to participate for a fee. Please join us for an edifying and refreshing time of fellowship and instruction!


We also offer housing for those alumni needing overnight accommodations. Housing is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.


In addition to making the event available in-person, we will be live-streaming the sessions via Zoom. The Zoom link will be provided upon registration if you elect this option. Additionally, please note that our on-campus personnel and all campus visitors are required to practice social distancing and wear face coverings, due to COVID-19.


Here is the list of our upcoming Alumni Institute sessions and speakers:


Sexual Ethics and Biblical Identities
Session One3/11 | 1:30pmMarriage and Sexuality in the Hebrew Scriptures by Dr. Tim Sigler
Session Two3/11 | 3:00pmNavigating the Transgenderism Discussion by Dr. Peter Goeman
Session Three3/11 | 4:15pmThe Boyhood of Jesus: First Century Homelife as Jesus Experienced It by Dr. Doug Bookman
Session Four3/12 | 10:00amA History of Sexual Ethics: How We Got Here? by Dr. Dave Burggraff
Session Five3/12 | 1:00pmLessons on Marriage from Church History by Dr. Larry Pettegrew
Session Six3/12 | 2:15pmCounseling Gender Dysphoric Image Bearers by Dr. Gary Hallquist

Event Details


March 11-12, 2021



The Shepherd’s Church
6051 Tryon Road
Cary, NC



Sexual Ethics and Biblical Identities


12:30pm on March 11



STS Alumni – No Charge
Non-Alumni – $50


Registration for the 2021 Alumni Institute is now closed.