God has graciously opened many exciting doors for Shepherds Theological Seminary in the field of biblical archaeology research. Our students have the amazing opportunity to see the Scriptures come alive in some of the most important digs that are underway today. As they place their spade in the ground, that which was unfolded in Scripture is being revealed to them. God is continually drawing students to this much needed and meaningful work. If you are interested in biblical archaeology, we would welcome the opportunity to share how we can help you see the Bible come to life in one of our degree programs. Please complete the form below to receive more information.

The Lord has recently opened a tremendous and exciting door for Shepherds to become more involved in biblical archaeological research as we have joined forces with renown archaeologist Dr. Konstantinos Politis to conduct a dig in the region of the Five Cities of the Plain (Gen 18-19). Of these five cities, four have been positively identified, including Sodom and Gomorrah—all four were covered in ash. The specific intent of this dig is to identify the location of the ancient city of Zoar/Ghor as-Safi, the city where Lot fled with his family. The dig is scheduled to begin in January 2025. As you can imagine, this all comes with considerable expenses! Would you prayerfully consider becoming a part of our research team? Your tax deductible donations are greatly needed to help cover the cost of digging, transportation, lodging, as well as reporting and cataloging all of the discoveries. To learn more about Shepherds’ Department of Archaeology, click here.