Featured Book by Dr. Peter Goeman: Now Available

Shepherds Theological Seminary is excited to announce the release of a new book titled The Baptism Debate: Understanding and Evaluating Reformed Infant Baptism. The book is authored by Dr. Peter Goeman, Assistant Professor of Old Testament & Biblical Languages at STS. It was published by Shepherds Press and is now available on Amazon.

The majority of those who identify as Christians believe in infant baptism (also known as paedobaptism). Infant baptism is a major doctrinal belief for Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans, and Reformed churches, such as Presbyterians. Yet, there is a strong contingent of Christians who reject infant baptism, arguing that only those who believe in Christ should be baptized (a position known as credobaptism). This debate about baptism can sometimes get messy and confusing. Christians on both sides of the issue often do not understand their own position, let alone the opposing arguments. The Baptism Debate helps believers understand what baptism is and why infant baptism does not actually fulfill the biblical definition of baptism, with a focus on understanding why Reformed denominations (like Presbyterians) baptize infants.