Thank You, Jo-Ellen!

Shepherds Theological Seminary’s President, Stephen Davey, honored our dear and beloved Jo-Ellen Platt during the STS Commencement ceremony, Sunday, May 16, 2021. After nearly 15 years of faithfully serving STS, Jo-Ellen retired at the end of April.

In her most recent role as Student Services Administrative Assistant, Jo-Ellen has helped new students find local employment and housing, let them know about free furniture and other household items, and has generally been available to help students and their families solve the problems of life that can arise in their busy years of seminary training. She has also endeared herself to the men of our Regional 360 Pastors Fellowship and served our then Director of Placement and now Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology, Dr. Bill Barber. Jo-Ellen truly has earned her designation as Matriarch of Shepherds Seminary!

In her own words, Jo-Ellen writes, “As some realize, my greatest joys during my employment with Shepherds is to have developed positive relationships with the students who have come through our doors. These students from various parts of the world, especially given the culture of today, have blessed me with their dedication and determination to receive their ministry education at Shepherds so they can go forth and preach the Truth of God’s Word— following in the footsteps of our president and pastor of The Shepherd’s Church, Stephen Davey. I am grateful that I still maintain relationships with many of these alumni. My joy for them is that they are moving forward in the ministry areas our Lord has directed for them.”