Shepherds trains pastors. Pastors, however, cannot stand alone. Churches in their societies, and pastors in their churches, are part of a community — as we were meant to live in community, so God has designed communities for us to live within. At Shepherds, we realize the training of pastors must be tied to the larger community, so we connect ourselves to the community of churches.

Colonial Baptist Church
Shepherds is intimately tied to Colonial Baptist Church,; a strong, independent church at the heart of Cary, North Carolina. Shepherds works with the many ministries of Colonial in counseling, worship, teaching, and many other areas.
Shepherds 360
Beyond the local area, Shepherds reaches out to churches throughout the world through the 360 program, through pastoral placement services, by providing speakers, and by providing support for local pastors.

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Church Relations
Shepherds Theological Seminary exists to equip servant leaders for life and ministry. The seminary affirms the primary role of the local church in training its leaders. The Apostle Paul describes the church as the pillar and ground of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15).

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