If you are 70 1⁄2-years-old and have an IRA there is a way for you to make a big kingdom impact!

Charitable rollovers from your IRA are a great way to partner with us.

Here are a few benefits from making a gift via an IRA Charitable Rollover:


          • Pay no taxes on directly rolled over transfers, up to $100,000
          • Reduce your taxable income
          • Satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year
          • Help Shepherds continue to equip servant leaders for life and ministry and impact the world for Christ

The process is simple:

      1. Let your IRA plan administrator know that you want to make a distribution from your IRA in the form of a check
      2. Have the check made payable to Shepherds Theological Seminary, and request that your name be included on the memo line or stub of the check
      3. Have the check directly mailed to Shepherds Theological Seminary

Shepherds Theological Seminary

Advancement Office

6051 Tryon Road

Cary, North Carolina 27581

        4. Please let us know your donation is on the way by contacting the STS Advancement Office:

Office: 919-573-5350