Appreciated stock, bonds, or mutual funds that you have held for over 12 months are great gifts to make to accomplish your giving objectives.


    •  You get a tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock on the date of transfer
    • You avoid capital gains tax which you would have paid if you had sold the asset and then given to STS
    •  STS gets the full fair market value of your gift


Shepherds Theological Seminary maintains an account at Merrill Lynch for the purpose of facilitating the

transfer of publicly traded stocks, bonds, and mutual fund positions. If you feel led to contribute in this

way, it is as simple and easy as telling your broker to transfer whatever stock you designate to Shepherds

Theological Seminary. The brokerage account details are as follows:


Account is held at Merrill Lynch

Account number 778-02164

DTC # 0161

Shepherds Theological Seminary tax ID number 20-0180768


If you do decide to make such a gift, we ask that you contact our STS Advancement Office:

Office: 919-573-5350



(NOTE: Before making a gift of this type, consult your CPA, tax attorney or other financial