One-Year Seminary Degree in Tampa Bay, FL

How would your life be impacted if. . .you set aside one year, studied in Israel, experienced authentic community, studied God’s Word verse-by-verse, received intentional discipleship, and engaged in community ministries, all while earning a master’s degree?


No matter what career you may pursue, your first calling is to know Christ and make Him known. In one calendar year students in the one-year program at STS Tampa Bay are given a firm foundation in understanding and living out the Bible. Our one-year format makes theological training available to future teachers, engineers, doctors, programmers, pastors, global workers, and men and women of all professions. Our intentional community focus challenges students to put into action the truths they learn in the classroom.


Our master’s degree in theological studies is built on the belief that living out the Word of God through the power of the Spirit changes the lives of students and those they will minister to for the rest of their lives. Our doctrine comes from the Word of God and it forms the basis for our theological distinctiveness as well as our curriculum and education. Click here for the full STS Doctrinal Statement.


The one-year program at STS Tampa Bay is taught by the faculty of Shepherds Theological Seminary on the campus of Trinity College of Florida, which is responsible for all academic instruction. Keystone Bible Church in Odessa, FL, provides the local church setting where students participate in congregational life and are engaged in a comprehensive verse-by-verse study of the Scriptures, intrusive discipleship, mentoring, and outreach ministry under the guidance of the STS Tampa Bay staff.

Unique Format

Students at STS Tampa Bay learn from instructors via high-quality video conference into classes taking place at our other campuses. Participate in a live classroom environment with other students at this teaching site and engage in class discussions from a distance via Zoom. Distance learning provides live correspondence with professor and highly interactive class sessions.


All required classes for the one-year program are available at STS Tampa Bay through this type of distance education in conjunction with the other one-year teaching sites.

Location: Trinity, FL

STS Tampa Bay is located in Trinity, FL, in the greater Tampa Bay area. Classroom instruction for the one-year program takes place on the campus of Trinity College of Florida in Trinity, FL. Local church participation, the verse-by-verse study of the Scriptures, and one-on-one discipleship take place on the campus of Keystone Bible Church in Odessa, FL.

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