Tim Miller

Vice President of Academics

Dean of Faculty, Director of DMin 


Dr. Miller has a Bachelor of Science degree from Maranatha Baptist University, a Master of Biblical Studies from Maranatha Baptist Theological Seminary, a Master of Divinity from Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary, a PhD in Historical Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary, and a PhD in New Testament from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Miller taught at Maranatha Baptist University for four years. Directly before coming to Shepherds, Miller taught at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary for eight years. Dr. Miller also serves as the co-chair of the General Epistles Study Group in the Evangelical Theological Society.

Dr. Miller has a passion for the local church and has served by teaching in his own local church, as well as serving as pulpit fill and as an interim pastor. Miller has published widely in academic journals and also has several published works.



BS Maranatha Baptist University
MA Maranatha Baptist Seminary
MDiv Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary
PhD Midwestern
PhD Westminster



Peer-Reviewed Journal and Encyclopedia Articles

 “The Warning Passages of 1 Peter,” Bibliotheca Sacra, forthcoming 2024.
“Choice Implies Meaning: The ‘Imperatival Participles’ of 1 Peter,” Novum Testamentum, 2022.
“Rome, Caesar, and the Historical Setting of 1 Peter,” Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal, 2022.
“A Review of the Historical Arguments in The Making of Biblical Womanhood,” Journal of Biblical Theology & Worldview, 2021.
“Pastoral Pensées: Text-Criticism and the Pulpit: Should One Preach About the Woman Caught in Adultery?” Themelios, Fall 2020.
“Comparing Calvin and Barth on the Doctrine of Assurance,” Puritan Reformed Theological Journal, Fall 2020.
“Three Greek NT Readers: A Review Article,” Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal, Fall 2019.
“The Milk of the Word: The Meaning of 1 Peter 2:1–3,” Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal, Fall 2019.
“Paul and the Words of Jesus: On the Infrequence of Paul’s Use of Jesus’s Words,” Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal, Fall 2018.
“Reformed Theodicy: Calvin on the Problem of Evil,” Puritan Reformed Theological Journal, Spring 2018.
“An Evangelical Apology for the Septuagint,” Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal, Fall 2017.
“The Apologetic Mandate: Justifying the Use of I Pet 3:13–17 for Christian Apologetics,” Bibliotheca Sacra, Summer 2017.
“Mere Christianity: An Exam. of the Concept in R. Baxter and C. S. Lewis,” Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal, Fall 2015.
“The Theological Method of John Frame and Vern Poythress: Examining the Trinitarian Roots of Perspectivalism,” Dissertation, Westminster Theological Seminary, 2015.
“The Debate over the Ordo Salutis in American Reformed Theology,” Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal, Fall 2013.
“Kingdoms in Conflict: Matthew’s Use of Kingdom of Heaven,” Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal, Spring 2013.
“David Hume On Miracles,” Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal, Fall 2013.
“Mark 13—Problem or Paradigm?” Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal, Fall 2012.




A Daily Greek Devotional
(Contributor), 2023.

1 Peter: A Commentary for Biblical Preaching and Teaching, 2023.

Echoes of Jesus in the First Epistle of Peter, 2022.

The Triune God of Unity in Diversity: An Analysis of Perspectivalism, the Trinitarian Theological Method of John Frame and Vern Polythress, 2017.