Biblical Christianity and Popular Culture

Shepherds Theological Seminary has the privilege of featuring Assistant Professor of Old Testament & Biblical Languages Peter Goeman in an intensive class from January 10-15, called “Biblical Christianity and Popular Culture.” There are many controversial social issues dividing our nation and our churches today. The amount of misinformation is overwhelming, and many Christians are either confused about the truth or do not know how to defend a biblical worldview. In this one-week course, we will discuss the issues of critical race theory (CRT), wokeness, social justice, transgenderism, and gay Christianity. This class presents biblical truth and distinguishes it from the claims, expressions, and definitions found in popular culture.

The course will be Monday-Friday 6-10pm and Saturday 8am-noon. This course will be a community class, so individuals and churches are invited to audit this course! As a community class, the audit application is not required to register for the course; instead, please register through the link below!

$500 per church via Zoom
$50 per person via Zoom
$75 per person for those live in the classroom

If you are already an approved audit or credit student and are interested in taking the course, please register through Populi.