Discipleship Today

Discipleship Today, is the latest publication authored by Dr. Andrew Burggraff, Professor of Christian Education, and Vice President of Enrollment Services and Strategic Initiatives at Shepherds Seminary. If you were to provide a letter grade for how well the church is discipling believers, what letter grade would you give? Many individual churches are faithful, dedicated, and intentional in making disciples. However, the church collectively is not doing a good job at obeying the final command that Jesus gave His followers in Matthew 28:19–20, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations.” Whether you are a church leader, discipleship mentor, parent in the home, or a disciple in a church, discipleship is a mandate for our lives. It is not an option. Our world and our churches are in desperate need for disciples of Jesus Christ. The world needs to see men and women who will live differently and reveal a life dedicated to Jesus Christ. Dr. Burggraff reviews the state of discipleship today, how the church may better reflect Jesus’ discipleship methods, and encourages believers to use six principles to challenge their heart and spiritual walk.