Shepherds Alumni Association

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the alumni association to create reciprocal relationships of support, fellowship, and information in advancing the seminary and its alumni in the pursuit of God’s call and commission.


Strategic Concern

As a seminary we seek to be a constant motivator of our alumni’s ongoing pursuit of God’s call and commission and cherish their continued interest in their alma mater. We ask our alumni to help us make The Alumni Association a dynamic body of support, fellowship, and information advancing their seminary and their vocation for the glory of our Savior Jesus Christ.


Alumni Relations Procedures

It is the policy of Shepherds Theological Seminary to maintain correspondence with its alumni and requests feedback on the value of the education program received in meeting their professional and vocational goals.

1. The Advancement Office maintains up-to-date files of its alumni to ensure that meaningful contact is maintained:

a. As students graduate, they are designated as graduates in the Populi data base.
b. Personal information is annually updated or as needed in Populi to ensure current address, telephone, email, marital status, children, ministry, etc. are maintained.

2. An annual survey is conducted by the Advancement Office of alumni to ascertain current ministry, family, and professional developments, and to request feedback on the value of Seminary educational programs and their time in seminary.
3. Assessment of alumni is presented to the faculty, administration, and strategic planning groups for use in guiding Seminary programs and procedures.
4. Alumni Awards and recognitions are presented at graduation or during special events of STS.


Alumni Relations Benefits

1. Appropriately timed informational letters are sent throughout the year informing alumni of special events at the seminary. Includes modules, study trips to Israel, alumni events, colloquia invitation, and future graduation events.
2. Invitation to fall golf tournament and the spring Founders Banquet.
3. We ask of our alumni that they keep the office of Advancement up to date on current address, email, phone or cell, family information and significant events for spotlight presentations.


Continuing Education
1. Invitation to all special advancement of education and conference type ministries of the seminary, [Colloquia, Pastors Conference, Modules, etc.]
2. Alumni have earned the honor to audit any seminary course free of charge along with their spouse to promote continuing education [Limited to one course per semester]; a one time application and application fee will be required.
3. The Seminary Journal published twice a year is made available to all alumni in a digital platform called Poimenas.


1. The faculty and administration is ready to help the churches of alumni with preaching and conference type work
2. Library patronage is available to all alumni as an association benefit.
3. Faculty and administration are available to help by discussing various issues that alumni face in life and ministry including biblical and theological matters in response to a call or e-mail.
4. Prayer Line, alumni will be prayed for on a regular basis as part of the STS family, alumni are loved and thought of by means of prayer, notice communicated by email or card.
5. Mission trips along with students of STS [Alumni must cover their own cost].
6. Alumni Spotlight – alumni achievement is highlighted by email to all alumni and distributed by email to all faculty, administration, board members and student body when made available to the office of advancement.
7. Israel Initiative is open to Alumni to travel with the student body [Alumni cover their own land cost and air travel and is based on available room].
8. Shepherds 360 Church Leaders Conference in October [ responsible to register and cost] there are special alumni activities associated with the conference.


Alumni Relations Organization
1. The association is organized and supported through the Advancement Office.
2. The office of Advancement will provide support for all alumni contact, surveys and assessments.
3. The Vice President of Advancement is responsible for maintaining alumni relations.

a. Selects alumni to meet as an ad hoc committee to help guide the association.
b. Will include alumni activities in his annual objectives.
c. The objectives are approved through the Strategic Planning process and by the Board.


Alumni Helping STS
1. By recruiting students and recommending students within your ministry to consider STS
2. By encouraging others to invest in STS and join our dedicated family of donors
3. By supporting STS as the Lord leads you to
4. By remaining faithful to the Lord and His Word
5. By coming back to visit