Featured Book by STS Faculty: Now Available through Kress Biblical Resources

Forsaking Israel: How It Happened and Why It Matters is a collaborative book produced by faculty at Shepherds Seminary and edited by Dr. Larry Pettegrew. It is now available through Kress Biblical Resources. In this work, the faculty explain the root of why many believers and denominations lessen the significance of Israel’s future in God’s eschatological design; they proceed to advocate that this ideology wrongfully affects other critical doctrines found in Scripture. Dr. Pettegrew himself authors several chapters in the book, while other contributors include Dr. Stephen Davey, Dr. Tim Sigler, Dr. Dave Burggraff, and Dr. Doug Bookman. If you’re looking for a helpful apologetic on the role of Israel in redemptive history, or are personally wrestling with how the church and Israel relate in this dispensation, then this book is a must-have for you!

Check out more details about the book through the link below.