Theology of Pilgrim’s Progress

Shepherds Theological Seminary is featuring Dr. Tim Miller in a summer intensive course called “Theology of Pilgrim’s Progress” from May 23-28. This course examines John Bunyan’s classic work, The Pilgrim’s Progress. This book is regarded as one of the most significant works of theological fiction in English literature. Its popularity resides in being both a work of art and a work of theology. This study will look at its history, theological contribution, and how to apply its message to the church today.

The course will be Monday-Friday 6-10pm and Saturday 8am-noon. This course will be a community class, so individuals and churches are invited to audit! The audit application is not required to register for community courses; instead, please register through the link below!

$500 per church via Zoom
$50 per person via Zoom
$75 per person for those live in the classroom

If you are already an approved audit or credit student and are interested in taking the course, please register through Populi.